Jason – Founder, CEO

When I designed the T12 Plan, before I introduced anyone to it, I tested it myself. Before the plan, I was doing lots of training, but my nutrition was average. The transformation photos are me today, having got my nutrition on point as well as my fitness regime made  a big difference. 

If you want a healthier lifestyle, this is what you should be aiming for. I am now in my 50’s, so I want to show you it’s never too late to change your lifestyle and get in the healthiest, shape of your life. 

Are you training all the time and not receiving the results you want? Do you want to be a healthier, fitter you, but haven’t got a clue where to start?

Contact T12 to start your transformation journey.


Nicola had been struggling with her weight for a few years and had tried a number of diets, but ended up been a yo yo dieter. She was running 5K – 4 times a week and was calorie counting, but not seeing any results. Once she started the T12 plan she quickly learnt the quality of the calories is just as important too. She has a busy full time job, which means she is often working away or doing shows. Over a period of 6 months her weight had been up and down and at best she had lost 6lbs. At the start of the T12 plan she was 12St 2lb. 

Once Nicola had her nutrition on point, we started doing PT alongside it to achieve the best results.

Nicola has now changed her lifestyle to maintain her results.

Here are the stats achieved in 10 months:

  • Lost 3 stone in weight to 9st 2lb
  • Dropped 4% bodyfat
  • Lost 10 inches from her waist
  • Lost 8 inches from her hips
  • 4 inches from her arms
  • 6 inches from her legs


I started my health and fitness journey with Jason in February 2022 at the age of 49, following years of ‘yo yo’ dieting and minimal exercise. At the start I was 11st 11lbs, wearing size 16 clothes and struggling with my confidence. I hated clothes shopping and dreaded going out to the pub or for a meal, as I was never happy with ‘me’.

Following a consultation with Jason, I started with two PT sessions every week and as my confidence, technique and fitness grew, I joined T12s Boxercise and Circuit sessions (which are hard work but fun too)! This isn’t the whole story as, as Jason will say, ‘you can’t out train a poor diet’, so with his guidance I have changed what I eat.

Twelve months later and I am now 9st 6lbs and a size 10/12. I am much healthier. I have more energy and eat foods that I never thought I would eat. I now love clothes shopping too !!

I would highly recommend Jason as a PT to anyone. He has changed my way of thinking around nutrition and training in a positive way. No more ‘yo yo’ diets for me!


Kirsty battled with weight and her health for a number of years. This caused a huge impact on her mental health too. Suffering with anxiety and obvious health issues that come with her weight gain she felt like she was at the end of the road. When she approached me, I was completely determined to change her lifestyle forever. Kirsty worked hard on her plan and showed determination to prove to herself that she could achieve her goals. And that she did.

Let’s look at the stats:

  • Lost 2 stone in weight
  • Dropped 17% Bodyfat
  • Lost 8 inches from her hips
  • Lost 4 inches from her waist
  • Lost 2 inches from the top of her legs

Anton, 41

Anton is completely blind. 2 years ago, his carer Jan approached me as Anton’s weight had ballooned, and it was becoming detrimental for his health. I knew by taking on Anton as one of my clients, I could make a real difference to his well being and life. 2 years along after weekly one hour Personal Training sessions, he has made huge leaps in his health and fitness.

He has been dedicated the entire way and has the stats to prove it:

  • In February 2017 he weighed just under 20 stone
  • Aug 2019 – he weighed in at 13st 12lb
  • 6 stone drop in just over 2 years
  • 20% Bodyfat loss


Beth, 45

Beth has been a personal training client of mine for a number of years. In the past 2 years she has completely changed her lifestyle and now has a positive mindset towards healthy nutrition and fitness. In the past two years she has lost 3 stone, dropping 4 dress sizes from size 20 to size 12. Beth has now embarked on my  T12 Ultimate Plan and here are the results:

  • She has lost another 1 stone 1lb (A staggering 4 stone in 2 yrs)
  • Dropped another 7% body fat
  • Lost 4 inches from her hips, 4 inches from her waist, an inch from her arms and 2 inches from the top of her legs.


Angela, 51

Angela first contacted me last year for guidance with her training and nutrition, to help with her performance at fitness events she undertakes. From our first consultation, I knew that I could give her the guidance to push her limits. Now she’s preparing for events that she never would have thought she could do in this time frame.

“Changing my nutrition and training has dramatically enhanced my endurance and recovery. Over the past year that I have been training with Jason, long term goals have been pulled forward as I now feel confident that I can achieve them. At the end of this month, I’m competing in a 28 mile running event and at the end of October, I’m heading off on a 19 day trek to Everest Base Camp. All things that I thought I wouldn’t be able to do for years”

Bobbie, 24

Bobbie was our first bride of 2019. She came to T12 after trying numerous diets that never worked. We wanted to provide her with the nutritional knowledge to change her life and help her get bride ready for her wedding day.

She has lost:

  • A stone in weight
  • 10 1/2 inches from her waist
  • 5 inches from her hips
  • 5% body fat
  • An inch from her arms and the top of her legs

Stuart, 42

Stuart is the classic example of a guy who worked out for years at the gym and never got the results he craved. He came to T12 for help. I completely re-wrote his workout routine to a more structured one that would get him the results he wanted. Then changed his nutrition mindset to hit those goals. His biggest problem was his nutrition, but with the T12 Nutrition and Train, he got there.

Here are the stats:

  • Dropped 9% body fat
  • Lost 1 1/2 stone in weight
  • Gone down 36″ to a 32″ in trouser size
  • Added 1 inch to his biceps
  • Added 1 inch on his chest

Nic, 28 and Owen, 30 from Cambridge

Nic and Owen came to me in 2018 when they were looking to improve their weight and food habits as a couple. With the help of my T12 Nutrition and Train Plan they were able to find a healthy alternative to their old ways. They were keen to get in the gym and try new exercise routines that I personally designed for them. After their success, they enrolled on my aftercare program where they continued to receive support.

Here are the results:


  • Lost a stone in weight
  • Dropped 4% in body fat
  • Lost 5 inches from her waist
  • Lost an amazing 6 inches from her hips
  • Lost 1 inches from her arms
  • Lost 2 inches from the top of her legs.


  • Lost 1/2 a stone in weight
  • Lost an amazing 5 & 1/2 inches from his waist.
  • Gained 2 inches on his chest.
  • Gained 1 inches on his biceps

Emma, 32

Back in January 2019, Emma was our Ultimate T12 Plan competition winner. When I first met Emma, she was a new mum. Although she was a keen runner, since having her little one, she struggled with the time, energy and motivation to be active. Her goal for 2019 was to be more active and gain a healthier lifestyle. Before the T12 Ultimate Plan Emma also lacked the nutritional knowledge to reach her goals. With a personalised nutrition plan, personal training sessions from myself and an exercise plan, Emma worked hard and smashed her goals.

Here are the stats:

  • Dropped 3% body fat
  • Lost 3 inches from her waist and hips
  • Lost 1 inch from her arms and top of her legs

Lee, 48

Lee was my first client after I tried and tested my T12 nutrition and fitness plan. His results were absolutely amazing, Lee has gone from looking good in a t-shirt, to looking incredible with his t-shirt off.

Here are the results:

  • Dropped 6% body fat
  • Lost 6 1/2 inches from around his waist
  • Gained 3 inches on his chest

Suzanne from Fowey

Suzanne first approached me looking for a way to improve her lifestyle for the sake of her health and wellbeing. She had spent several years as a yo-yo dieter and found it difficult to find a nutrition plan that worked for her. Suzanne absolutely smashed the ultimate T12 plan. My plan helped give her structure and find a healthy balanced lifestyle that worked for her.

Here are the results:

  • Lost 1 stone 3 lbs
  • Dropped 4% body fat
  • Lost 5 inches from her waist
  • Lost 4 inches from her hips
  • Lost 1 inch from her arms
  • Lost 1 1/2 inches from her legs

Tony from Yorkshire

T12 Client Progress Report 📖🏋️‍♂️👌🏻This is what T12 is all about people, literally changing people’s lives. 👍🏻A big shout out to my old school buddy Tony 🙌🏼 He’s just smashed 👊🏻 2, T12 Plans Back to Back. 🔥🔥Absolutely amazing results mate, so very proud 🙏🏻😇 of you, especially achieving all of this pretty much through Lockdown (no excuses 😡) I’m going to hazard a guess that we’ve probably added at least 5 yrs on Tony’s Life, if not more 👌🏻Look at Tony on day 1, carrying way too much weight, which was so bad for his 💔 (the most important muscle in your body btw), his back, his knees, I could go on all day. If we’ve learnt nothing else about Covid, if you’re obese your more susceptible to nasty diseases (FACT)😞Now look at him, he’s a different person, loving life again 🏃‍♂️🚴🏻‍♂️❤️He’s loving his T12 workouts, his T12 recipes 👨‍🍳🥘🥦& the most important one, he feels alive again. 🙌🏼👍🏻I gave Tony his tailored plans, the guidance & the support, but he’s the one who’s had the drive, the determination & the discipline to achieve these results. (did all this remotely btw, it works) I live in Cornwall he lives in South Yorkshire 😃Well done 👍🏻 Tony, I’m thinking no belt is going to keep those day 1 Jeans 👖 up 😂😂👏🏻👏🏻Stats:-

  • Lost 4 stone
  • Lost 10 inches from his waist
  • Lost 6 inches of body fat from his chest

Now to phase 3 🙏🏻 Come on 🏋️‍♂️🔥🔥