Protein shake 🆚 Whole Food🍗
It is a well known fact that for building or maintaining muscle 💪🏻 mass or even helping in Fat loss, a high protein diet is required.
As a result of these higher protein needs, a lot of people resort to supplementing their diet intake with protein shakes.
I have no issue in people taking protein shakes, I use them myself as an aid to achieve my protein needs💪🏻🔥🔥but it is what it says on the tin 🥫 a SUPPLEMENT !!!
It’s not a meal replacement, neither is it magic dust, that’s going to give you a ripped body overnight 🤦‍♂️
They will never replace all the nutritional benefits you get from good quality whole food 🍗🥩🥚
Also be aware ⚠️ that not all protein powders are the same, for example, some are higher in carbs than others. So depending on what your goals are, will dictate on which one is best for you 👌🏻
In summary, it’s not wrong to take protein shakes as part of your daily diet, but it is a supplement.
It should never replace meals. Good quality whole foods cannot be replicated 👍🏻

-Jason Timms

5 December 2018