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My nutrition blog is all about the important things to help you live a healthier lifestyle. This includes educating you about macros and a calorie guide to different foods you love, including fast food.

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What are Macros?

When you’re new to nutritional foods, you might hear the term macros get thrown around a lot. This week on my social media I will be educating you about Macros.

What’s on your plate?

We’re kick starting 2020 with a nutritional blog on what you should be thinking about. It’s not about how fast you run on the treadmill. It’s about what you put on your plate.

“Healthy” Drinks vs Fizzy Drinks

Find out about the calorie value of Naked, Innocent and your favourite fizzy canned drinks.

Nut Guide

Every one is nuts about nuts, but do you know their nutritional value? Find out which nuts you should be putting in your meals.


We checked the nutritional value of mcDonalds so you don’t have to. Find out the calorie value of your favourite fast food.

30g of Protein

Do you find it difficult to get your protein? We’ve looked at the protein vs calories in some popular foods.

Ice Cream

In summer time and the weather is hot, what do you want? Ice Cream! Find out the nutritional value of popular Ice Cream.

“Zero Calorie Foods”

Simple foods that are perfect in salads or snacking. Find out the nutritional value of these low cal foods.


Pizza vs Ketchup

Sometimes it’s easy to feel disheartened after eating a whole pizza. But it’s important to compare it to other foods. If you sauce it, count it. It’s easy to lose track of your macros by ignoring simple things like sauces.



We all love burgers, but do you know the nutritional value of your favourite burger? We’ve made a graphic to help you track your macros more easily.


Are you a bit of a cookie monster? We looked at the calories in your favourite cookies to help you track your macros more easily.

Fresh Fruit vs Dried Fruit

Did you most of the time dried fruit has more calories and sugar in it than many chocolate bars? It’s easy to assume it’s healthy. Find out the calories and sugar in your favourite fruits.

Know your treats

We all love to snack, especially on the weekend. Here is a graphic of popular snacks and their calories so you can keep track of your macros.

When is coffee not actually coffee…

When your coffee has the same calories as a meal, it’s not really a coffee.

The problem with meal plans

Meal plans can be great when you want structure in your life, but what happens when you have a special event, a birthday or a family meal to attend?

“Just one biscuit at work”

It’s easy to have the mentality that “just one” won’t hurt. But lets look at how that can add up throughout the month.


Find out the calorie value of your favourite KFC dishes including Bargain bucket and Zinger burger

Low calorie swaps

We looked at low calorie alternatives to commonly consumed products include alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, meat and ice cream.

Dominos Swap

With a couple of different decisions you can cut your calorie intake when you snack out on pizza.


Dieting Mindset

Cutting unhealthy food completely out your life can be unrealistic. That’s why I preach the 80/20 rule: a balanced diet.


Choose wisely when it comes to snacking. Here is an informative graphic to help you make the right decisions when it comes to your tea dunkers.


Choose wisely when it comes to sweets. Here is the perfect graphic to help you with your sweet treat decisions.


Why eyeballing calories is so hard

By eyeballing, you could be doubling your calories without even realising it. Here are examples popular foods on toast including avocado, cheese, Nutella and peanut butter.


Double big mac vs Caesar salad

Did you know the McDonalds Caesar salad has more calories in it than the big mac. Compare the nutritional value of these two popular Mcdonalds meals with this simple graphic.

Ben and Jerry’s vs Halo Top

This simple graphic will help you understand how you can have ice cream at a low calorie cost

Protein shake vs Whole food

Although protein shakes have their place in the world, they will never replace the value of nutritional whole foods.


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