Yeh it’s Friday & 🏫 School is out for summer 🙌🏼👏🏻😎☀️
Who’s going to be visiting the Golden Arches 🍔this weekend 🍟
I’m guessing quite a few families will be taking their kids there this 1st weekend of the hols ☀️
So here’s the Low down on some of their foods 👍🏻
I’m not here to promote them as a healthy eating place, but they have come a long way in the last few years 👌🏻
They clearly tell you how many calories are in each product on every one of their menus 🙏🏻
I did a post a while ago, showing a pre-packed chicken & bacon pasta salad having double, yes double the amount of calories of a classic Big Mac. And more saturated fat too 😬🤦‍♂️
Pasta salad is definitely an oxymoron😡 The words pasta & salad should never be put together. Especially when it’s dripping in mayo 😧
The reality is, some of these classic burgers are healthier and cheaper than some of these so called salads 😲
Going and getting a toasted panini for example is often worse than having a 🍔 burger, depending on filling obviously. Scary tho hey.
Anyway enjoy your weekend and enjoy the summer ☀️😎

-Jason Timms

26 July 2019