I was born in South Africa, Johannesburg and moved to the UK in September 2012. I started doing springboard diving at a young age in South Africa and therefore continued it at the Plymouth Life Centre. However I also took part in trampolining to help with my diving. I became very passionate about trampolining and decided to focus on that instead of diving. My mom and I started looking for Strength and Conditioning to benefit my trampolining.

“It has been amazing working with Jason as he always makes me feel better about myself after the session.”

Reece Davies

It was mid 2015 when we called Jason and had our first session. By taking part in my his personal training gym sessions, it allowed me to improve my fitness for trampolining and therefore I become stronger on and off the trampoline. It also created a mindset of healthy living, especially what to take into consideration when planning my diet in correlation to the intense hours of training I do per week. It has been amazing working with Jason as he always makes me feel better about myself after the session. Some days where I would go into the session feeling sad or frustrated due to outside factors (for example: not getting good GCSE grades), I would come out feeling significantly happier. It’s always a good laugh being in his company.

In late 2017 I joined Exeter Trampoline Academy (ETA) as they were more equipped with the competitive side of trampolining than the Plymouth club. And in 2018 I became a part of the English squad for DMT (double mini trampoline). Subsequently, in 2019 I became British Champion in DMT for 17-21 Men’s, which was held in Birmingham. This opened a door for me to become a part of Team GB for DMT. Being in squad, I have therefore been to numerous international competitions, specifically Frivolten cup (Sweden) and Loule cup (Portugal) and also had the opportunity to trial for World Championships for 2020 (which was cancelled).

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