“Make your body the sexiest outfit you own”

T12 is a Doncaster based family−run business with a realistic view on real lives. We understand the difficulty of living the perfect healthy lifestyle, which is why we cater for your situation. Having fussy kids to feed, long work hours or living far away from a gym − these are all common realities of everyday life, and often the reason many people struggle with healthy eating and weight control.

Transformation 12 first started in the South West of England, but relocated back to my roots in South Yorkshire in 2021. Since then we have taken the business to another level with a home gym and also expanding out offering boxercise and circuit classes to the local community on a weekly basis.

Jason, who has been a personal trainer for years has dedicated his career to improving client’s general health. However, he realised he could give them all the advice and share his experience, but for some it was the lack of nutritional knowledge that was having the max impact on the results being achieved. T12 was born with a completely different approach, enabling more individual plan involving nutrition / exercise and lifestyle change.


We provide you with the knowledge and expertise to guide you toward a healthier lifestyle, from low calorie recipes, workouts you can do anywhere, we build your fitness and nutrition plans with your individual taste and life in mind.

Transformation 12 is about the journey to a more desirable you

Building a Sustainable Lifestyle

A sustainable lifestyle is a lifestyle that is both good for your health and that you enjoy. It’s often difficult to find the perfect balance, especially when you feel like you don’t have time to be healthy. But there is always a way. Your lifestyle is more than just eating healthy foods, it’s understanding what tastes good to you, and to what quantity. We have tried and tested T12 recipes that are an absolute favourite amongst T12 graduates.

We don’t believe in weight loss pills and we definitely don’t believe there is a magic recipe that will make you lose weight instantly. Changing your lifestyle takes determination, hard work and motivation.

We don’t believe in the word ‘diet’, or any short term fix. Diet’s end, and your journey to the perfect you shouldn’t.

The 80/20 Rule

T12 are here to change your eating habits, not for 2-3 months, but forever. We don’t support yo-yo dieting, and we love a good cheat day! Lifestyle works with balance. Your nutrition plans keep in mind your cheat day, so you can still enjoy those sweet (or savoury) treats in your diet and still improve your healthy eating in the long-term.

All our plans follow the 80/20 rule (80% healthy, nutritious food: 20% naughty high calorie food). We will send you on some delicious low calorie T12 dishes, designed by Jason along with the nutritional information you need to get yourself making healthy decisions when it comes to food.

Fitness routines that work for you

Upon starting your plan Jason will ask you about yourself, including any past injuries, difficulties you’ve faced with your diet before, your motivation and the sports you enjoy.



Do you have a goal in mind? We’re here to help you reach it. Whether it’s training for a sporting event, going down a dress size for your perfect day or getting beach ready for a holiday, T12 will design the right fitness plan to get you there.

Jason Timms – Founder, CEO

I am a motivated and passionate person totally committed to health and lifestyle change. I am approachable and love the interaction with my clients. After completing 24 years in the Army, where I was positively involved in the health and fitness of my colleagues, I completed my Level 2 Gym instructor, followed by Level 3 Personal Trainer specialising in Advanced Nutrition for weight loss and Physical Performance.
I have a wealth of knowledge gained over my 12 years of Personal Training and a lovely group of clients to work alongside. All individual and all totally amazing.

Community of Knowledge

When becoming part of T12 you not only gain the knowledge from Jason, but you also have access to a community of other T12 members and T12 Graduates. Transformation 12 is more than a personal training and nutritional plan, you enter a community of people going through the same journey as you. You have access to a huge collection of fitness motivation, product knowledge, videos and advice from Jason and other members.

With daily content, the team on hand 7 days a week and a community to belong to, you’re never alone on your transformation journey.

If you’re interested in joining the T12 community contact Transformation 12 today through the following platforms: Facebook or Instagram